I work as an assistant director and creative associate, and enjoy supporting directors, cast and companies in making new work.

My experiences as a performer, writer, producer and previously as an ASM, have given me a unique understanding of the different skills, roles and responsibilities which combine to make a show or event.

I believe it is important to make people feel appreciated in their work, whatever their role in this process. I am good at helping to maintain a positive atmosphere in the companies I work with.

I understand assisting roles and their responsibilities vary enormously from project to project, so clear communication within the company and creative team is something I value highly.

I have a practical and creative approach to solving problems, and keep a clear head in a crisis.

Assisting Roles

I started assisting in 2013 when I shadowed director and playwright Greg Cullen on an Edinburgh transfer of their show Muscle for Shock ’n‘ Awe Theatre Co.

Since then I have continued to gain experience by shadowing and assisting directors and companies whenever the opportunity arises.

I have learnt a lot from assisting Boz Temple Morris on several large scale Immersive shows and events for the Prince's Trust and Ark Schools, and work freelance on a project to project basis for his company Same River.

Other Directors and companies I have shadowed/ assisted include; Firenza Guidi, Fabler Theatre Company, Jacquetta May, Antony Eden and Punchdrunk Enrichment.

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I am also an experienced facilitator.

I work in professional corporate roleplay and forum theatre for adults for Healthcare Interact, Global Roleplay, SimPatiCo and freelance for the NHS in management training scenarios.

For younger years I have facilitated workshops for companies such as The Hive and Little Angel Theatre.

I have also worked closely with Punchdrunk Enrichment in continuing to develop their Lost Lending Library show.

I can help you by:

  • Leading or assisting in the facilitation of your existing workshop programme
  • Creating content and assisting in design of workshops for a diverse range of participants and purposes, whether the aims are educational, personal development or for creative development/ R&D purposes
  • Having a conversation with you about your project or idea - Talking things through with a new person often leads to surprising discoveries and can help you focus on your aims and objectives of a project
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Creative Associate

Most recently I have been assisting Black Box Dance Company as a Creative Associate, to help develop their new education project MOVE.

Initially this involved a week long multidisciplinary workshop which aimed to introduce local young people to the companies’ work, build their confidence, and create an immersive site specific Dance Theatre piece based around rebellion and dance.

My role has so far involved:

  • Advising on the design/ content of workshop, whilst working with the companies’ key aims and values
  • Providing support to the director and participants
  • Leading vocal warmups and drama based exercises
  • Providing narrative direction to the show when needed, devising script and material with participants and creating soundscapes
  • Sourcing props and maintaining the rehearsal space
  • Directing dramatic solos and duets
  • Continuing to work with the company in an ongoing capacity to gather feedback and help them find an adaptable format for their education programme moving forward
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Get in touch

If you would like support as a director, are looking for an enthusiastic, confident yet sensitive facilitator to join your team, or think you might like to work with me as a creative associate - please do get in touch.

Conversation has played a crucial role in developing my own work, and I am grateful to the many brilliant minds who have been generous with their time in helping me work out what I was really thinking about. In turn, I am always happy to have a chat if you would just like to talk through your idea and see what happens next.