• Professionally trained voice actor 10+ years experience
  • Home studio - Free standing insulated booth
  • Focus Rite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) and a Rode NT1-A Mic


smiling woman in audio recording booth.

Originally from Manchester, I trained at RWCMD and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Acting for Stage, Screen and Radio in 2009.

I have continued to expand my vocal skills and technique including additional training with Round Island, Gravy for The Brain, and in my extensive experience in working in audio over the past 11 years.

I regularly record samples to pitch for jobs and also write original audio content, so if you are not quite sure what you are looking for, I am happy to improvise.

My Voice

Listen to my voice

I have an engaging, warm northern tone, but also have perfect RP and am highly proficient in a wide variety of uk regional and international accents. If there is something you particularly want to hear - me@zoemills.co.uk.

I also enjoy voicing fantasy characters, animals, teens and young children and can also narrate in young voices.

I am currently making new reels for character, animation, and commercial, but please check out the links below to hear my current reels.


I work with a wide variety of clients including Audible, BBC, British Council, Pearson Education, Pitstop Productions,Larian Studios, Grimlore Games, OSome Studio, Storytel and various theatre companies and charities.

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You can find a complete CV on my Spotlight link.


Baldur's Gate 3 (Larian Studios and Pitstop Productions) VO/MOCAP

Zarys, Philomeen, Lur Xanta , Kerri Evenfield plus 19 other characters and all female Githyanki combat vocals

Spellforce 3 (Grimlore Games) - VO

Characters: Mercenary player 2, Wraiths, combat vocals, children

Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir (OSome Studio) - VO

Characters: Avina Gandir, Rezzy Stance, Hella

The Last Thing Left (Coney Theatre Co.)

Multiple characters in audiogame

Infinitum - in development (Pitstop Productions) - VO/MoCap/Facial MoCap

Character: Cora Pletch (lead)


Listen to my Audiobook Reel

I love literature and have enjoyed narrating over 50 audiobooks covering a range of genres and styles including; modern fiction, historical novels, thrillers, romance, Comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, short stories, children’s books and factual/ biographical works.

You can find these on platforms including Audible, Storytel, LoveReading and several others.

Or you can listen to excerpts of titles as below:

What the Focaccia, by Ginger Jones - Romantic Comedy / Multicultural - 1st, Northern

A Report of Murder, by FL Everett Mystery - 1st person, Manchester

Thick as Thieves, by MJ Kuhn - Fantasy - RP

My Name is Why, by Lemn Sissay - Autobiography - All female characters

Halomoon, by Sharon Cohen - Children’s fiction - 1st person, teen narrator, Sheffield

The Shamers Chronicles, by Lene Kaaberbol - Fantasy Quadrilogy - 1st person, young narrator, RP/ trace of english second language

Composite Creatures, by Caroline Hardaker - Thriller and Suspense - 1st person, Northern

Touch Not The Cat, by Mary Stewart - Genre Fiction/ Mystery - RP/ Heightened RP

Corporate VO and Narration

Listen to Narration reel

Experience includes corporate training videos for companies such as NHS and TFL London, and voicing explainer videos and content for multiple online small companies from my home studio.

I also provide narration/ ADR for charities including the Semiliki Trust.

Semiliki Trust projects in Aru Town
Semiliki Trust in Bukavu


Listen to my E-Learning Reel

Please contact me if you have projects or products that need voicing for a bespoke sample and quote.

ELT (English Language Teaching)

Listen to English Language Teaching Reel

    Accents included:

  • Natural voice (Northern)
  • RP
  • Upbeat Manchester
  • Young RP (teen)
  • Soft Edinburgh (teen)
  • West Country
  • Australian
  • Welsh (teen)
  • Liverpool
  • Mid-American
  • French
  • London
  • Deep South American (child narrator)

I am experienced in working in fast paced studio environments on tight recording deadlines. I am used to taking client direction and sight reading scripts with characters of all ages including older voices, young girls and boys in a wide range of regional and international accents.

I also home record with clients down the line or independently record scripts to pre-arranged briefs for all levels of learning.


Listen to Commercial Reel

    Accents included:

  • Northern
  • RP

VO for Theatre and Events

I record VO and characters for live shows and events.

Recent projects include The Insider, Teater Katapult’s Edinburgh Fringe First winning production and ZøvnZaun for multidisciplinary performance group TBA.

Improvisation, character work, and writing for audio formats

As an experienced improviser, I am happy to improvise around a script if needed, use a character image or brief as inspiration, and also create copy and radio scripts for clients.

I also love writing and creating original characters just for fun. There will surely be more to come of this kind of silliness very soon…

Listen to a tragic aspiring ballerina

woman looking at camera

Current Projects & Credits

Spotlight: 1316-4534-0743


Please get in touch if you have a project in mind and we can have a chat!

You can get in touch with me directly via me@zoemills.co.uk