Originally from Manchester, I trained at RWCMD and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Acting for Stage, Screen and Radio in 2009.

I have continued to expand my vocal skills and technique including additional training with Round Island, Gravy for The Brain, and in my extensive experience in working in audio over the past 10 years.

As a voice artist I am represented by the fantastic Brian and Rita at Spoken4, but also work independently from my North London Home studio.

I am currently using a Focus Rite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) and a Rode NT1-A Mic to record, and can also work with live remote direction.

I regularly record samples to pitch for jobs and also write original audio content, so if you are not quite sure what you are looking for, I am happy to improvise.

Please get in touch if you have a project in mind and we can have a chat!

You can contact my agents at voices@spoken4.net, or get in touch with me directly via me@zoemills.co.uk

My Voice

Listen to my voice

I have an engaging, warm northern tone, but also have perfect RP and am proficient in a wide variety of regional and international accents.

I also voice fantasy characters, teens and young children and can also narrate in young voices.

I am currently making new reels for gaming, drama, animation, corporate and commercial, but please check out the links below to hear my current reels.


I have worked with a wide variety of clients providing content for companies including Audible, British Council, Pearson Education, Pitstop Productions, Grimlore Games and various theatre companies and charities.

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You can hear more about my current projects and full cv on Spotlight.


I have worked on games including Spellforce 3 and interactive audio work for Coney Theatre company, playing everything from mercenary warrior rogues to druids, goblins and sometimes even humans.

I am excited to finally announce that over the past two years, I have been recording voice and mocap for multiple characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, which is now on pre- release from Larian Studios…It’s going to be EPIC.

Watch the Baldur’s Gate 3 trailer


Listen to my Audiobook Reel

I love literature and have enjoyed narrating audiobooks covering a range of genres and styles including; modern fiction, historical novels, thrillers, romance, sci-fi, short stories, children’s books and factual/ biographical works.

You can listen to different narration styles below, or find my books on Audible.

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Upcoming Releases

illustration: children looking at moon.

Halo Moon, by Sharon Cohen

Available from 11 March 2021

An excellent teenfiction novel. ‘Bravery, friendship and the magic of an unknowable universe combine in this extraordinary adventure from the heart.’

black pen drawing: light shining through attic window.

Composite Creatures, by Caroline Hardaker

Available from 13 April 2021

‘Creepy and enthralling, Hardaker's superbly written debut will drip feed you dread from beginning to end.’

Narration Styles

old photo of three young kids.

My Name is Why, by Lemn Sissay

Listen to a sample

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    Narration style

  • Non fiction, factual, politics, biography
  • All Female characters, northern, RP , authority figures and social workers
  • Age range 20’s to 50’s

‘Sissay reflects on a childhood in care, self-expression and Britishness, and in doing so explores the institutional care system, race, family and the meaning of home. Written with all the lyricism and power you would expect from one of the nation's best-loved poets, this moving, frank and timely memoir is the result of a life spent asking questions, and a celebration of the redemptive power of creativity.’

illustration: silouette of cat at graveyard.

Touch Not The Cat, by Mary Stewart

Listen to a sample

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    Narration style

  • RP, upper class, gentile
  • Mystery, period, classic novel, lyrical descriptive style
  • Age range 20s

‘An exceptional novel of dark family secrets - danger lurks behind every shadow in Mary Stewart's classic novel of romantic suspense.’

Sudden Traveller, by Sarah Hall

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    Narration style

  • Multiple Narrators
  • Northern
  • First person present modern narrative
  • Lyrical, emotive
  • Age range 30s

Winner of the BBC National Short Story Award and O.Henry Prize for Short Fiction

‘In this heady swirl of folktale and science fiction, realism and myth, we experiment with our creaturely identities, acting as lightning rods for elemental forces - and emerge as changed beings.’

illustration: village in winter.

The Christmas Holiday, by Sophie Claire

Listen to a sample

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    Narration style

  • RP, Southern
  • Modern first person narrative with 2 main characters,
  • Romance, Brigit Jonesy
  • Age range 20s-30s

‘Evie and Jake arrange to escape Christmas together as friends in Provence. But will the magic of the season change things between them? ‘

illustration: pig & window with rising sun graphic.

Animal Farm, by George Orwell

Listen to a sample

    Narration style

  • Natural voice
  • Character, animal voices
  • Recorded in Home Studio

‘When the downtrodden animals of Manor Farm overthrow their master Mr Jones and take over the farm themselves, they imagine it is the beginning of a life of freedom and equality. But gradually a cunning, ruthless élite among them, masterminded by the pigs Napoleon and Snowball, starts to take control.’


Listen to Narration reel

    Narration style

  • Natural voice (Northern)

Recorded in Home Studio and inspired by the documentary ‘The Secret Life of Chaos’

As an actress I have recorded various corporate training videos for companies such as NHS and TFL, and also now voice explainer videos and content from my home studio.

I have previously provided narration/ ADR for several small charities such as Semiliki Trust.

Video: Semiliki Trust projects in Aru Town

Video: Semiliki Trust in Bukavu


Listen to English Language Teaching Reel

    Accents included:

  • Natural voice (Northern)
  • RP
  • Upbeat Manchester
  • Young RP (teen)
  • Soft Edinburgh (teen)
  • West Country
  • Australian
  • Welsh (teen)
  • Liverpool
  • Mid-American
  • French
  • London
  • Deep South American (child narrator)


Listen to Commercial Reel

    Accents included:

  • Northern
  • RP

Improvisation / Character work / original material

I also record VO and characters for live shows/ create soundscaping.

Recent projects include soundscaping for Black Box Dance Company and VO as Queen of Hearts for a production of Alice and The Little Prince premiered at Edinburgh Festival 2019.

Listen to the Queen of Hearts

two people hiding behind a bench

I also enjoy writing and creating original characters for audio formats and podcast. There will surely be more to come of this kind of silliness very soon…

Listen to a tragic aspiring ballerina

woman looking at camera

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Current Projects & Credits

Spotlight: 1316-4534-0743


Please get in touch if you have a project in mind and we can have a chat!

You can contact my agents at voices@spoken4.net, or get in touch with me directly via me@zoemills.co.uk